How can i raise money for charity work?

Then check out our full post with more than 200 fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations of all types. Learn how to raise funds and discover 10 of the easiest and most effective fundraising ideas that will help you raise money for the cause of your choice.

How can i raise money for charity work?

Then check out our full post with more than 200 fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations of all types. Learn how to raise funds and discover 10 of the easiest and most effective fundraising ideas that will help you raise money for the cause of your choice. One of the most popular fundraising methods today is crowdfunding, thanks to the power of the Internet. Crowdfunding consists of soliciting financial contributions for a specific project or cause on the Internet, usually through crowdfunding websites such as GoFundMe and JustGiving.

Therefore, crowdfunding is a great way to earn a large amount of money quickly. If several thousand people only donate a pound or two, you already have a sizeable donation. The key to this method is to write a compelling and informative page that explains what fundraising is for and how it will be beneficial. You can learn more about this method of raising funds in our York University open session, Crowdfunding and the Community, where they discuss the different types of crowdfunding and what it can be used for.

Learn how top not-for-profit organizations are using Classy to boost their fundraising. Creative ideas for raising funds can help you launch longer-term initiatives, overcome a mid-campaign slump, or quickly gather resources in response to an unexpected emergency. The effectiveness of your ideas depends on how well they attract donors, maximize participation, motivate immediate action, and inspire recurring donations. We've compiled a list of 77 ideas for fundraising events that are sure to gather supporters around your cause.

Explore creative approaches to everything from fundraising initiatives for children to endurance events and competitions that require appetite. Go directly to your favorites, or explore each category to come up with a new idea that you haven't considered yet. Leverage students' creative talents to promote their valuable cause and strengthen your nonprofit's sense of community. Ask each artist to pay a nominal entry fee to show their work and then set a fixed price so that attendees can explore the collection.

Consider asking local artists to participate as well. Classy's online ticketing feature for non-profit organizations makes it easy to sell tickets to potential supporters. Car washes are often overlooked, but they can be a great way to remove a task from someone's to-do list and, at the same time, turn them into a supporter of your cause. Organize the event in a location that is easily visible and accessible from high-traffic areas.

You'll also want to make sure you have enough space to wash, dry and collect money from customers. Develop strategies to promote your next car wash so that donors can include it in their busy schedules. Social media and email are great places to start, but word of mouth can be just as impactful. Spelling tests are not only fun to watch, but they also represent a great opportunity for younger followers to demonstrate their skills.

Announce your spelling bee at local schools, gyms, churches and restaurants, and take your marketing efforts to the Internet with a series of social media posts before the event. Charge a fixed fee for tickets and consider adding a peer-to-peer fundraising element to attract charitable donations from a wider audience. Participants can easily create a fundraising page and request support before the competition to achieve their goals. In addition, people can show their support throughout the event by sending individual donations to friends or family members who compete in each round.

Get ready to enjoy sweet scents with this classic fundraising idea. To make this fan-favorite event a little more interesting, invite participants to compete to prepare the most delicious treat. People can donate for a chance to try and vote for their favorites, or discard the idea of the contest and simply charge a fixed fee for each baked product someone buys. Just be sure to review all food service laws before preparing your table.

Organize a photo contest to attract attendees, build brand awareness and connect with donors more organically. Identify a theme or theme for your contest and then invite donors to share their photos on Instagram with the appropriate hashtags and photo tags. Collect all the entries, upload them to a central home page and ask your community to vote for their favorite by making a small monetary donation. If you prefer to keep everything on social media, determine the winner by identifying which photo gets the most “likes”.

Offer to share the winner's photo on your organization's social media accounts and on the home page of your website. As an added incentive, check if a local gallery will show your winner's photo for a week. For additional information on how to take advantage of Instagram, check out our blog, where you'll find 24 Instagram tips for modern nonprofits. For example, the annual Movember campaign challenges its followers to let their facial hair grow throughout the month of November to raise awareness about men's health.

When participants share photos of themselves online with the event's hashtag or mention Movember in their captions, they are organically raising awareness for the cause and educating others about the importance of Movember's work. Nothing excites people more than free gifts. Share a photo and description of a unique prize on your organization's Instagram, and then give your followers step-by-step instructions on how to enter to win the item or experience. Something as simple as a personalized gift bag would be great, or going one step further by offering a free meal at a local restaurant or a paid spa treatment at a luxury salon.

As a tribute to the days before cooking apps and Pinterest recipe boards, you can collect recipes from different followers, volunteers, and employees to compile a charity cookbook. Ask collaborators to submit their recipes online and include a dedication, doodle or note in each submission to make the book unique and personal for your organization. Whether you're meeting in person or online, a cooking class is a great way to engage with your community in a relaxed and creative environment. Ask your employees, volunteers, or donors if anyone would be interested in leading the class, or contact the experts and hire a chef to take the initiative.

It charges a fixed registration fee or offers a minimum amount of fundraising for supporters to earn their place in class. If you choose to host this event virtually, charge the ticket to attend the live broadcast. As part of your fundraising initiative for live broadcasts, include an incentive to make larger donations by offering time with the chef after class to anyone who reaches the second level of fundraising. Engage donors from around the world with a virtual fitness challenge.

Invite people to achieve a daily goal, complete a running challenge, participate in an indoor cycling course, or enjoy independent walking. Participants can track their exercise with an Apple Watch or the Strava app and then submit their results to see their position on the leaderboard. If we've learned anything from Twitch, it's that video games can bring together people from all over the world to support a good cause. Invite players to create a fundraising page that they can share with viewers during their Twitch event.

Give them the tools they need to promote their stream and encourage them to recruit friends, family, and other players to listen to them and support their efforts. Ask each player to place the link to their donation page in the chat during the event and encourage them to talk about your mission during the live stream. This is a great opportunity for players to organically educate viewers about the importance of your work. Attending a sporting event is one of the best parts of the game.

If you can't go to the tailgate in person, make it a virtual celebration. Ask your fans to buy a tailgate package, which they can pick up before the big game. The Palmer Children's Home decided to organize a virtual tailgate for the Mississippi state soccer team, sending each fan home a cooler with food and treats in the tailgate. They also sold sponsorship packages, and everyone who purchased a sponsorship had their organization's logo and program information included in special marketing materials inside the tailgate refrigerator.

For proud grandparents, aunts and uncles who can't travel to the city every time their children participate in a school concert, offer a virtual option to keep them involved and expand the reach of your event. You can pre-record your concert at an earlier date to avoid last-minute technological problems, or broadcast your concert live through a reliable virtual event platform, such as Classy Live. Sell virtual tickets for your event through a personalized campaign page, or simply encourage attendees to donate during the night to support their loved ones. Invite your followers to give a morning coffee to a student, parent or teacher they've met in their life and who could use the extra dose of caffeine.

Simplify things by creating a personalized campaign page where followers can place their orders, send their donations and even leave a personal message for the recipient of their coffee. Ask each customer for a fixed donation, or invite your followers to improve their orders with special drinks such as hot chocolate or an oat latte. Ask local businesses to donate basic breakfast foods, such as muffins, fruit, bagels and coffee, for this simple fundraising idea. Next, ask your followers and their networks to place orders.

Recruit volunteers to deliver products and encourage tips in the form of donations. Before the contest, create a series of emails with tips to show followers how to create an impactful video. This fundraising idea makes sense for any occasion. Whether you're hosting a shared harvest dinner or a cocktail hour, sell tickets and invite guests to a rented place, to a volunteer's house, or to your office for a delicious meal.

Prepare your introductory speech so that guests understand how significant this dinner really is and your contributions. Make an agreement with a local restaurant, spa, or hotel to offer an exclusive date night prize to the winner of your fundraising auction. Identify potential businesses in your area that donors have shown interest in and highlight the incredible marketing opportunity that those establishments will receive thanks to this event. You can host your auction online or in person, and both offer their own unique benefits.

If you're planning to host an online charity auction, you can include a link to company websites on your event page to attract donors. In addition, you have the possibility to expand your reach and, as a result, get more offers. If you host your event in person, you have additional opportunities to raise money by selling products, food or beverages, informing your supporters about your recurring giving program, strengthening relationships with donors, and more. For those looking to meet like-minded new people with a shared interest in philanthropy, organize a speed-dating fund-raising event to break the ice among singles in your community and create a welcoming environment for connection.

Charge an entry fee to anyone interested in participating and auctioning fun dates throughout the night. Recruit volunteers to play live music or serve drinks to keep the energy alive until the last couple leaves. Expand your fundraising opportunities with an early event that's sure to attract fans of all ages. Whether you're serving pies, donuts, or sausages, the contestants will be happy to compete in a timed meal contest and fund your good work.

Ask local stores or bakeries to donate the food that will be devoured at your fundraiser. In this way, the restaurant or bakery will bring your brand to more people and your organization will be able to keep overheads as low as possible. This fundraising idea isn't just for professional artists. Encourage donors, supporters and artists alike to create something that they are proud of and that they would like to share with your community.

Invite attendees to show their support for each artist and, at the same time, to promote your cause by bidding on their favorite items, whether in a live or virtual fundraising environment. Whether you focus on yoga, tennis, or self-defense, organize an afternoon where participants can donate to receive a lesson from a local expert. Plan a silent auction as a one-on-one event, or add it to an existing fundraising initiative as an additional source of revenue. Contact your network to start assembling items and appoint a committee of volunteers who can ask their contacts for additional gifts.

By changing this event to virtual, it becomes more accessible to your audience. When organizing an online auction that appeals to your audience, consider promoting any auctioned item via email and on social media to attract attendees, and then take the opportunity to request additional donations during the event. Galas are one of the oldest fundraising events for a reason. Imagine sitting at a table of like-minded people, engaging in meaningful conversation while enjoying a delicious meal.

Invite your supporters to an elegant evening with dinner, drinks, live entertainment and extensive fundraising opportunities to recognize the success of your organization and help attendees better understand your impact. Sell tickets to your event through a custom campaign page and consider restricting your sales to two-ticket packages to ensure that all attendees bring at least one guest. Take advantage of partnerships to help offset costs and be sure to double down on promotion before your event to argue why supporters should offer their support. Invite influential people from non-profit organizations or local personalities to judge and motivate them to help spread the message and get people excited about your program.

Simply ask each group to upload a pre-recorded video of their performance to the event page to start the battle online. Participants can continue to raise funds to get their entry, and then your supporters can vote for the best performance. Offer a prize to the winning band to encourage participation and consider offering a prize to the band that raises the most money. Heat up the pans and enlist a team of passionate volunteers to serve tons of pancakes in support of your non-profit organization.

Announce your event weeks in advance so that donors have enough time to plan ahead, and be sure to increase your marketing pace the week before the event so you don't lose sight of it. Ask donors to buy a ticket for your breakfast event with everything you can eat, or to completely eliminate the registration fee to increase accessibility, and ask supporters to donate in exchange for a hot meal once they arrive. Whatever you choose, make sure you have enough butter and syrup for everyone. Take Las Vegas to your hometown and host a casino night with games of roulette, blackjack and poker.

Invite guests to dress up and make a donation to participate. You can also invite attendees to donate certain amounts as gifts in exchange for participating in a big raffle at the end of the night. Prizes, such as a gift card to a good restaurant in your area or free tickets to the next non-profit event, are great options. The idea of taking a relaxing weekend getaway is enough to arouse the immediate interest of most adults.

Research and explore your connections to identify potential airlines, hotels, car services and restaurants that would be willing to support this offering. You can also opt for local accommodation for a simple stay at a good hotel or resort in your city. Attract bids by promoting your online auction and unleash your creativity with your marketing materials. Sell the experience with stunning photos and videos from the vacation package, as well as a full list of vacation details and the benefits that the winner will receive.

Give it a special touch by encouraging attendees to dress up, or even consider adding a costume contest element to get donors excited. Drink and dine for your community of supporters with an invitation to a fund-raising wine night. Ask local wineries or restaurants to donate a bottle or two in exchange for free advertising, or organize your wine tasting at a local business that contributes a portion of its profits to your organization. Consider hiring a sommelier to teach attendees how to properly taste each wine and educate the group about the history of each drink being served, or collect a basket of quality wines, cheeses, wine glasses and bottle openers to be auctioned at the event and get additional donations.

You can even add a gift card to a local vineyard. To launch a memorable fashion show, consider partnering with a venue and encourage attendees to buy tickets to your exclusive event. Ask participants to create their own tailoring masterpieces or to go to local clothing stores and boutiques to get donated clothing. You can also ask makeup artists to donate their services and recruit members of the community to help you on a daily basis and ensure that everything works smoothly.

Get away from the screens and do it the old fashioned way to raise money for your cause. Organize a fund-raising game night that is suitable for all ages and includes several options, from Monopoly to charades. Charge to participate and organize mini-tournaments between different groups of players. Announce the prizes for the winners to motivate participation, and be sure to remind attendees of them throughout the night to encourage healthy competition.

Host a movie screening or movie marathon at a local park or auditorium. Sell tickets and refreshments in exchange for suggested donations and invite attendees to help you determine what movie you're going to stream by donating a few dollars for their favorite movie on the list. Another twist on this well-known fundraising event is asking friends and family to organize their own mini-film screenings on behalf of your cause. Ask them to invite their networks to donate a small fee to “reserve their seat” at the event and to provide each host with a set of promotional materials to discuss your mission later on.

Gifts that promote your cause are a classic fund-raising incentive, but you can take this non-profit fundraising idea a step further by hosting a “create your own t-shirt” meeting. Charge a ticket and invite attendees to create their own masterpieces. You can also recruit local artists to create custom pieces to sell. Since making t-shirts isn't a time-consuming activity, prepare other games, crafts, or challenges for the whole family for the event to ensure that attendees stay.

Have participants run around the city with an organized treasure hunt. Follow the classic treasure hunt, in which people have to find and collect the designated objects, or switch to digital technology and have individuals or teams simply take a photo of the items or locations on the list and send them for approval. Charge an upfront enrollment fee. Offer a bonus or advice in exchange for donations on the day of the hunt and give extra points to the person or team that collects the most garbage while exploring and cleaning your city.

Invite donors to relax and have some old fashioned fun with a night of karaoke. He charges for admission and then encourages viewers to vote for their favorite artists through small monetary donations. The artist with the most donations at the end of the night will be crowned the winner. Encourage fans of all ages to participate in a battle of generations.

Classify all artists into individual age groups and let the audience determine which group deserves the karaoke crown. Offer incentives to winners to motivate them to participate, or simply remind them of the right to brag that they will win. To demonstrate how even small donations can make a difference, ask fundraisers to give up a daily drink and instead donate the money they would have spent to your cause. Intensify the call by asking supporters to participate for a specified number of days or by encouraging them to meet a personal fundraising goal.

Invite your community to relax, drink their favorite tea and support the mission of your non-profit organization. Attendees can secure their ticket with a standard registration fee and then dress up for the elegant fund-raising ceremony at tea time to get the most out of the event. Prepare elegant cutlery, fine china and classic snacks for a tea party. Consider partnering with a local tea shop or coffee shop to buy tea leaves and pastries.

Laughter is one of the most powerful sources of connection. Recruit community members, local artists, and emerging comedians to showcase their talents at your nighttime comedy event. Sell tickets and then encourage donors to show their additional support by purchasing food and beverages for the suggested donation amounts. If you can find courageous supporters who will go the extra mile for your non-profit organization, a fundraiser to shave your head is a great way to draw attention to your cause and attract new audiences.

Participants commit to shaving their heads (or beards) to raise money. In exchange, your non-profit organization can offer an exclusive benefit, an award, or public recognition on your website or social media platforms. Trivia nights are held weekly in bars for a few simple reasons: they're easy to organize, they're affordable to organize and can be customized to appeal to any audience. Ask a local restaurant or bar to organize your fundraising event and encourage participants to form teams in advance.

To earn a place in the competition, set a minimum amount of fundraising that each participant must collect to play. If enrollees don't meet the minimum, they can donate the remaining amount. Charge an entry fee to anyone who does not participate in the contest but who wants to support your cause and be part of the action. You can also host a virtual Q&A night to reduce overhead.

All you have to do is create a list of questions, get an attractive virtual host and encourage attendees to follow the event live to win the designated prizes. If you decide to go to an in-person meeting, consider asking if the venue would share a portion of the profits from food and drink with your non-profit organization. Nothing encourages business like being a socially responsible company. Gather worn-out clothing and household items for a garage sale your community won't want to miss.

If you have valuable items, such as first-edition books or signed collectibles, you can organize an exclusive auction of these first-rate pieces at the end of the day. In addition to making donations to your staff, supporters and collective networks, get in touch with local celebrities or philanthropists to get those expensive items. Take pictures of the items and post them on social networks to generate excitement around the event. You might find your next corporate sponsorship while generating excitement online.

Invite your followers to take out their family recipe books for a community meal. This cheap fundraising idea is available to donors who may not be able to afford a ticket to your annual gala or other large fundraisers, but who still want to participate in your cause. Encourage donors to purchase a ticket through the event page and then simply show up with an appetite and their favorite food, dessert or drink in hand. To give attendees something special to remember during the night, ask enrollees to send their recipes to their team before the shared meal and to create a cookbook with each other's unique contributions.

Send the book home for free as a gift for attending, or sell it for a low price at the event for additional donations. Nowadays, everyone has a professional-quality camera in the palm of their hand. Organize an amateur photo contest to find out which followers can take the best photo from their iPhone, camera or mobile device. Set a theme for the contest, such as sunsets or nature photographs, or keep it broad enough for participants to be creative.

Ask each person to send their photos directly to your team and then post them on the event's home page, where people can vote for their favorites through small donations. Take it to social media to get more votes and be sure to send a mass email asking community members to help you determine the winner. Participants can pay an entry fee or earn a place in the competition by raising funds between peers. Whatever you decide, offer the opportunity to show the winning photo at your next event, or share it on social media for all to see.

Fundraising at a restaurant allows supporters to eat at a local restaurant or bakery on any given day, and the restaurant donates a percentage of its sales to your cause. Set up a committee to identify potential partners and then set up a meeting with restaurant managers to explore your options. Determine how the profits will be divided and discuss if there will be an option for supporters to make a reservation before the event to confirm their table. Book a spot, recruit your talents for the night and prepare your attendees for an unforgettable fund-raising event.

Look for some free community spaces to rent, or consider reaching an agreement with a local company to organize your event and get a share of the profits. Encourage fans of all ages to take the stage to get the grand prize, whether it's a coveted trophy or a personalized t-shirt. Just be sure to preview the acts beforehand to make sure they're appropriate for all eyes. You can organize the raffle at an in-person event or do it virtually by selling the raffle tickets online.

Whatever you choose, keep fans informed while you sell tickets to show how much the prize fund is accumulating. It's not always easy for people to make time for an afternoon walk with their pets, but you can help make their day easier by walking their dog in exchange for a donation. Open an online registration sheet where donors can book a date and time, submit their donation and insert all relevant contact information. Charge a flat fee for a 30-minute walk or offer longer walks in exchange for larger donations.

You can also offer additional services, such as bathing your dog, for an additional fee. When people are traveling for the weekend or simply leaving for business, it can be difficult to find someone they trust to take care of their pets. Help relieve some of your stress with pet care services. There's nothing like jumping into an icy ocean to revitalize your non-profit community.

A polar fall is a perfect peer-to-peer fundraising opportunity, where supporters can take advantage of their networks to raise money on behalf of your organization. Like those who participate in non-profit endurance events, participants in polar immersion can ask their friends, family and loved ones to support them in their ambitious goals. Whether you organize your dive on the beach, the lake, or even at a local pool, it will attract the attention of fans. Allow donors to relax and de-stress during a night of community meditation.

Find a quiet, comfortable space to turn into your meditation studio, and then hire a local yoga teacher, volunteer, or a qualified passionate follower to lead your class. Charge a registration fee to attend and then expand your donation opportunities by auctioning off a series of guided meditation sessions or a free one-year membership to popular meditation apps such as Calm or Headspace. It brings together fans and foodies around a friendly culinary competition. Contestants create their best Christmas dishes with a specific ingredient or other criteria, and people pay to try each dish and cast their votes.

Organize a clothing drive before the onset of freezing winter temperatures to support and protect community members in need. Gather these in-kind resources early in the winter season to ensure adequate resources for your beneficiaries when the colder temperatures arrive in December and January. Invite donors to warm up during the winter months by sweating it out for a cause. Partner with a local gym or spinning studio and ask your community to participate in exchange for a suggested donation amount.

Recruit a local instructor to donate their time and lead the class through an energetic and satisfying workout. For a touch of life, add ambient lighting, an amazing playlist, and a snack after a run. Gather donors for a night of songs of smoke, hot chocolate and campfires. Sell tickets to your event through a personalized campaign page, and also consider setting up a booth on the weekends before the event to sell tickets for the in-person fundraiser.

Recruit donors, beneficiaries, or partners to speak at your bonfire and help you clarify the impact of your mission. Prepare a slideshow to display at the campfire and highlight other events that your community has enjoyed together, and consider adding some smaller games or activities so that attendees can participate during the night. Something as simple as throwing a bag, a cookie decorating station, or the screening of a Christmas movie would work well. A 5K race is a favorite all year round and can raise a lot of money for your cause.

Instead of relying solely on registration fees, learn how to launch a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign so that participants can start raising money once they've signed up. Announce a suggested fundraising goal, prepare incentives, and send participants tips on how to contact their networks to request additional donations. For organizations that wish to do so virtually, they charge registration as a donation and then encourage the athlete to complete the distance on their own. Give a creative touch to the traditional 5 km by organizing a colorful race throughout the community.

As participants complete the course, they will be covered with water and colored powder to help create memories that will last a lifetime. You can organize your color race at a local school to reach a younger audience, or open the event to your community at large to increase exposure and increase attendance. Ask enrollees to cover a fixed enrollment fee that offsets the cost of materials and encourage them to take advantage of their extensive network to raise more through peer-to-peer fund-raising. Post-race gifts, medals, or even branded water bottles are great incentives for every runner.

If that's not within your budget, offer the winner a set of free tickets to your next fundraising event. Encourage your supporters to raise funds on behalf of your cause through a peer-to-peer fundraising marathon. Provide attendees with all the necessary fundraising and marketing materials they may need to request donations, such as a set of fundraising tools, and encourage their participation with exclusive benefits or prizes. Although it's most commonly held on a track, you can take this event to a local park or even online to organize a virtual walk.

Consider using event sponsors to support your event, or think of creative ways to raise in-kind donations from your community to keep walkers fed throughout the day, such as beverages, snacks and sunscreen. Don't discount the potential of a fundraising event that focuses on going from bar to bar. In fact, this is the fundraising idea that inspired the start of Classy. A bar (or restaurant) tour can be a great way to add a philanthropic touch to a fun Saturday night.

Plan your route with local breweries, which may offer possible discounts, or ask participating bars and restaurants to donate a portion of their profits to your cause. Charge for admission and invite enrollees to get donations for each stop they make. You can also charge a fee for people to participate in tracking. To go one step further, ask people to dress according to the theme or ask participants to win a branded gift for every stop they make on the tour.

Do a good deed for the environment and, at the same time, boost your mission. Sell or auction trees in collaboration with your local native plant nursery, or promote donations for commemorative trees that your organization will plant to remember your loved ones. The holiday season presents another lucrative fundraising opportunity for your non-profit organization. Offer a Christmas tree collection and recycling service in exchange for a suggested donation, or help your supporters take their trees to the sidewalk on garbage day.

Gather a team of volunteers to do the heavy lifting and be sure to reward their hard work with a special gift. Reward top peer-to-peer fund-raisers in your community with tickets to marathons or exclusive running events, such as the Boston Marathon. Become an official charity sponsor of the race of your choice and then determine how many athlete places you will receive. Reserve those coveted seats for fans who raise more money for your cause in the months leading up to race day, saving them the expensive race entry fee that they would otherwise have to pay.

Give a different touch to the standard basketball tournament with other fun games, such as dunk contests, free throw contests or dribbling challenges. Simplify things with a fixed enrollment fee, or harness the potential of your fan networks by raising peer-to-peer funding. Give a new twist to the traditional 5 or 10 km by turning them into a team relay race. Runners can request donations from their networks or ask their friends and family to buy tickets for the event to come and see it.

Perhaps each stage of the race requires a particular costume theme or a humorous obstacle, such as carrying an egg on a spoon or a three-legged race. If Pinterest has taught us anything, it's that the “do it yourself” aesthetic isn't going anywhere. Gather talented friends and family to help you create and sell personalized crafts, such as bracelets, paints, key rings, or hand-stitched blankets. This idea for a fund-raising event is perfect for families and children.

Ask your community and local businesses to donate supplies and help you spread the message. Charge by the tablespoon or set a flat rate for an all-you-can-eat option. Consider adding an ice cream contest to change things up, or organize a contest to see who can create the most beautiful ice cream with the ingredients they've been given. This can also easily be turned into a virtual event if a gift card is sent to every donor who achieves the designated level of fundraising.

Encourage them to buy their own treat and to attend a live ice-cream stream to connect with other followers. While making an adult sit in the tank may be a little difficult to convince, this fundraising idea is an interesting activity for the weekend that is sure to make everyone laugh. Identify volunteers, donors, partners, or board members who are willing to take a shift in the dive tank and sell tickets to those interested in sending them out for a swim. You can sell tickets at different levels and reward those who donate larger amounts with additional attempts to get the person inside.

Another creative twist is to start a competition between peers before the event, in which the person who earns the least will have to do the first shift in the tank. This idea is for all those addicted to live music. Partner with a venue and recruit artists to participate in your show. Artists can create fundraising pages before the event so that fans, friends and family can donate, even if they can't attend.

You can also turn it into an online fundraising event by asking bands to perform for your virtual audience in an enclosed space. Sell tickets to the event, collect donations throughout the night and broadcast the performances live for all donors to enjoy. If you're close to the ocean, a surf competition might be the perfect idea to raise funds to attract beach-loving crowds and take people out for walks. Isn't it close to the coast? The lakes are also perfect for sporting events.

Plan a kayak race or a swim relay to take advantage of nature. Organize an Olympic-style sporting event for the locals and ask each participant to raise a minimum amount to help you achieve a collective goal. Continue with classic Olympic events, such as basketball and athletics, or unleash your creativity with more exclusive games, such as throwing bags or playing petanque. Invite local chefs to prepare their best barbecue dish and ask guests to donate, try and vote for their best option.

Segment the competition even further to crown the winner of the best barbecue sauce, rolls or side dishes. Whatever happens, make sure you have plenty of napkins on hand. Organize a race in which people dress up with a theme to add an extra touch to the classic endurance event. Whether it's zombies, Star Wars, Harry Potter or another topic, a costume race allows donors to take out their Halloween boxes and have a little fun.

With all the options to choose from, this fun fund-raising version of the classic 5K never goes out of style. Take advantage of global interest and organize your own charitable flag football tournament. Charge an entry fee per team or ask participants to raise funds for enrollment. Consider how you could raise additional funds on the same day, whether for an on-site food stand or for branded products.

Look for volunteer referees or ask your staff to intervene, and remember to highlight the prizes that are at stake for the winning team. As in all other tournaments, ask each team to raise a minimum amount to participate. You can also recruit partners to sponsor lines or uniforms where they can display their logos. Improve your next fundraising event with exclusive donor data from our event attendee information report.

Learn how to host an event that offers significant value, strengthens relationships with donors, and keeps your community engaged long after the closing ceremony. Posted in Fundraising Events %26 Ticket Sales Get the latest tips, trends and ideas on fundraising in your inbox. You signed up for emails from Classy. To facilitate the process, hire a fundraising software such as Donorbox, which offers a comprehensive solution of donation and support pages.

You can collect donations that day, having people hold collection buckets while you clean up the neighborhood, but it's probably also a good idea to create a social network or a fundraising page. This method is definitely better suited for those working as part of a non-profit organization, but it could still be something worth considering even if you're working on a smaller fundraising project. Learning how to raise money for a non-profit organization can sometimes be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. When your donors send a text message, they'll receive a link to a mobile-friendly fundraising page to make donations.

Whether you're raising funds in person for a peer-to-peer fundraiser run by an ongoing charity, or doing it all on your own, we'll encourage you to share your story. And remember that if the non-profit organization still doesn't offer you the opportunity to raise funds, don't hesitate to create your own campaign with CauseVox. A direct mail fundraising package usually includes an outer envelope, a compelling letter requesting support, a donation response card, and a response envelope. If your favorite charity already has the option to become a personal fundraiser, you're in luck.


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